Episode # 88 Million Dollar Scratch Off Winner

Casinos USA Podcasts Show Notes:

Part I: Charity Stivason (age 48)  wins a Million Dollars on a Pennsylvania Lottery Ticket just three blocks from the home of Casinos USA Podcasts. It’s a heartwarming story.

Part II: Biggest loses at a craps table that our listeners have witnessed are told. How about the  $50,000 loss (reported by Chris) at the Foxwood Tribal Casino in Connecticut is shocking. Lesson here is simply “Never Fight a Streak.” If you do, you may pay big. A couple of other loss reports are also told.

The danger of having an overly competitive personality in gambling  is considered. 

Part III: Fox 5 Las Vegas interview with the manager of the iconic Charleston Lodge restaurant is presented and the hardships of the pandemic shutdown and reopening requirements are considered. The safety of the patrons and putting the new guidelines in place is  the first priority as restaurants adjust to the new normal. 

Part IV: Casinos USA suggests that all of us must proceed with caution, but proceed we must.  Will packed Vegas Nightclubs and Pool Parties be gone in the post pandemic Las Vegas? 


Part V; Did you turn to online betting during the casino shutdowns? If you want to talk about it call our voicemail at 1-724-519-4556. Callers have up to 5 minutes to tell their Casino stories. 

Part VI: Our popular “Surprise News” segment closes today’s podcast.

Thanks for listening. We have completed 8 seasons of 11 episodes each. Our podcasts will return in early June. Be safe. Hope to see all of you in a casino resort soon.

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