Episode # 87 Who Do You Trust?

Commentary: In this age of misinformation, exactly who do you trust. I have read that the opening of the country is premature. I have also read that Stanford University medical doctors explain that staying closed is exactly what we should not be doing.  In doing so, we are only setting ourselves up for a severe resurgence in the fall.  Open up now and an immunity will develop in the population protecting us against a severe resurgence in the fall of the year.  So who do you trust? 

3 Callers respond to this question: Would you go to Vegas on May 15 if your flight and room were comped by the casino?   

New Nevada Casino Regulations

Tables Games limited to three gamblers at a time, Roulette to 4 players at a time, an 6 players to a Craps Table. Well, if craps tables are putting a stickman, a bowman, and two dealers at a table, and only 6 gamblers at a time are permitted to play, then I fear that table limits will be at the $25 minimum.  How else would a table of three be profitable for a casino if they are staffing the table with four employees.  Will casinos offer tub tables staffed with one or maybe two dealers for low rollers or will bubble craps machines and the like now be the refuge for lower limit craps players?  Who do you trust? 

I used to ask that question when I read or viewed get rich gambling strategies that guaranteed success. I asked that question because I immediacy did not trust what videos were saying or what gambling authors were writing. Now I am asking the question Who Do You Trust with the daily newscasts and the daily newspapers.  The age of certainty seems to have evaporated. Scientist disagree, doctors disagree, differing economic forecasts can be found on either side. And asking the questions about casinos in general or Las Vegas specifically – What will the casinos be like when they reopen it’s the same. Who do you trust with the truth? Increasingly, I have concluded that I can trust no one.  We have to open and find out. Governors change their mind everyday and then spin it. I expect that state gaming regulations across the country will change the same way.  Who Do You Trust, I ask. My answer is no one. Because no one knows what will come. Let’s see how things are upon openings in all areas and let’s anticipate that changes to openings will occur quickly and in some cases almost immediately.  

Janie on Keys to Evaluating the NFL Draft

1.  Did your team the best players available when it was their turn to choose?  

2. Did your team’s pick help improve an area of weakness that is obvious. For example, picking the best lineman available because the area of need was a lineman.

3. If your team did this consistently throughout the draft, they deserve a high grade.

These teams are my A’s

The Bengals and The Ravens. I would give the Steelers a B plus. I love their first pick of Chase Claypool. So think it over and evaluate your own team. Were you shocked as I was about how many times the mock draft of Mel Kifer did not work, over 20 times Mel missed. So this shows that even an expert does not always get things right.  I hope your team did get it right.

Craps Talk: Laying odds on the Don’t Pass line explained by Coach Fav. Also in this session Coach Fav reviews the Power Pressing Charts of Color-up Club by Jeremy Elerick.

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