Episode # 85 Think 98.5%

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Show Notes: Stay Safe and Strong against the pandemic that we are facing head on. When we do get the all clear, here are some important principles to embrace that may maximize your casino enjoyment: Don’t play with scared money, Don’t use your government relief money to gamble, Be responsible, Resorts offer more than just gambling. Quit when you are ahead, Celebrate when you win, and when you lose, don’t be a sore loser  

Trip report from a Blackjack player from Pittsburgh (Josh)  who was visiting in Vegas with his wife the last weekend before the state of Nevada ordered all casinos to shutdown. This is a powerful, intense, and interesting phone call.

In a shortened Craps Talk segment, Coach Fav admits that he makes a hop bet on the come-out roll when he is shooting by placing $2 on the hard ten hopping. Remember that “Hop the Hard 10” is a one roll bet, but it pays 30 to 1. A $2.00 bet wins $60. It’s a fun bet that doesn’t do much damage, but it pays enough to be enjoyable. I hit it back to back on Veterans Day 2019 at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh.

Finally, Coach Fav recalls that his father was born during the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1917 and 1918. So America has faced demon pandemic before.  America always comes back. So until we meet again, thanks for listening and stay safe everyone. April 9, 2020

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