Episode # 83 Hit the Wall, Babydoll

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Show Notes: Corona Virus may hurt the tax revenues for states where casino gambling is legalized and taxed. In Pennsylvania the casino business is booming as there was a 4.5% increase in revenues despite a small drop in slot machine play. PA taxes the slot revenues at an amazingly high 54% and now count on this money, which is not always certain.Until the Corona virus, experts were expecting another increase in 2020 as sports betting by app and in sports books continues to attract customers.  No one knows how the virus will ultimately affect casino profits.

A Florida gambler has been charged with making threats against professional gamblers on social media. State laws are catching up with regulating social media comments so beware. This man faces the possibility of a 5 year jail sentence.

In our popular “3-2-1 Craps” segment, Coach Fav finds another set of  YouTube Craps Videos that he deems worthwhile. Check out the “CRAPS HAWAII” videos for honesty and interesting pressing strategies on place bets.  

Just a reminder, if dice hit the back wall of a craps table as required by the rules, the results will be random. Take that to the bank. So hit the wall babydoll.  A slow motion camera shows how hitting the wall on a craps toss makes a dice throw random. That’s proof.  Still, players often win despite this and overcome the house edge built into the game because anything can happen in the short term.

In the final segment, Janie and Coach Fav talk early March Madness and pick the National Champions and give advice on tournament early bets that should win. Finally, Janie highlights an upcoming trip to the Meadows in March and Rocky Gap in April and invites listeners to join us for some craps. At the Belterra a few weeks ago, Coach Fav’s podcast  listeners hit the “Make Them All” bet three times in two days of play. Nice!

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