Episode # 80 Are Youtube Craps Videos Fake?

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Podcast Notes: 

Part 1: Casinos USA presents its suspicions with craps videos where early 7-outs do not occur at all. Come on! Still, we enjoy many of these videos even though we do not take their positions as Gospel.  We challenge all of the promises they make because of their dice setting or betting strategies unless they are willing to go LIVE. There are a couple of YouTube channels that offer craps videos that are honest and transparent.  Try Color Up and the Wizard of Odds. Both of these are enjoyable and well done, and an early 7 does appear on these videos because there is not any doctoring being done on these sites.

Part 2: How much cash can you legally carry on an airplane? A recent case from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania International Airport, may shock you.  What until you hear this one!

Part 3: The strange story of Doctor Wong, the high roller from Singapore who refused to pay an Austrian casino the nearly 42.3 million that he lost playing Baccarat. Aaron, from the Austrian podcast, CRAPS JOURNEY, called in to explain how the courts ruled in this case.  Who won, Dr. Wong or the Casino? Aaron explains. Check out these sites provided by Craps Journey to read even more about this real life incident: 





Part IV: Janie discusses her slot machine success at The Meadows Casino and Hyatt Hotel in Washington, Pennsylvania

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