Episode # 78 South End of the Strip is Hip

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Today’s Podcast

1. Coach Fav and Janie present the many benefits that the Casino Resorts in the south end of the Las Vegas Strip offer visitors to Las Vegas.

2. Craps Talk today presents the explanation of True Odds vs the odds that PLACE BETS pay. We will teach you exactly how true odds are determined. Smart Craps Strategies do not encourage making place bets; however, there is one important advantage of a craps place bet over a pass line bet or a come bet.  The advantage is that the player can turn the place bets off or request that the dealer takes them down. So I place two numbers. If I get one hit, I tell the dealer to turn them off. (She places an “off button” on one of them.). So I have locked up my place bet win(s) and have no further risk of losing money on my place bets. This system of going “off and on” on place bets protects the players from the math of the game that tells us that it is most likely that a 7 will roll every 6 or 7 rolls. Ouch!  Yes, I might win less by going off and one, but I will lose less also. That is a certainty.  

3. Casinos USA will most likely not be going to Las Vegas this summer. Rather we will be on the road visiting casinos outside of Las Vegas. We do plan to be in Reno in September followed by a 3 or 4 day stay in Las Vegas. So we will give our listeners definite dates later, but we do expect to be in Las Vegas in September. We will also be presenting our summer travel schedule so we hopefully can meet up with our podcast listeners at a casino this summer.

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