Episode # 73 88 Degrees, Too Cold to Swim

Casinos USA’s 73rd podcast is filled with a variety of audio clips created on site during our recent 7 day trip to Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. The title of the podcast is taken by comments spoken by a Nevada native who felt that 88 degrees was too cold to swim. That struck us as funny because in Western Pennsylvania, 88 degrees is a heatwave; in fact, our area may have just a few days in the 90’s, if any, during the summer months.  

The  Reno experiences are recaptured with summaries by Coach Fav as he details the excitement of visiting a new city, new casinos and exploring the University of Nevada Reno. 

Gamblers should know that the Video Poker machines with high payback numbers abound in Reno, Nevada casinos. Many experts consider Reno to be one of the best casino venues in the country to play video poker.  We had great action in four casinos in Reno playing video poker. So for us, the experts are right.

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