Episode # 71 Smart Phone Sports Betting Apps .. Crazy Fun

1.  Janie discusses reviewing your own criteria to make a decision on reserving rooms at a casino resort, which one?  This is what she considers. What are your needs?

a. Proximity to your home or a family or friend that you are visiting.

b. Destination Vacation Plan

c. How often do you go there? If first time visit, do your research before you reserve.

d. Safety of the location of the casino is always a consideration.

e. Hotel, clean, attractive rooms, staff, registration process, security personnel 

f. Food options are a big consideration

g. Venue in a city or small town area, even a rural area?

h. Amazing Blue Chip in Michigan City, Indiana or something similar in another state

i.  Entertainment possibilities, Can you get comped tickets? 

j. Does the casino have a sports book?

K. Pools, Pools, Pools….. indoor and/or outdoor

L. Does the casino have its own horse racetrack 

M. In Las Vegas, do you choose the Strip or Fremont hotels?

N. Even comp room offers require a decision

2. Sports Apps, Crazy Fun

a. How do Money Line bets work? Coach Fav explains it all.

b. Geolocator determines if you are a legal bettor online by your location

3. Craps Talk explains Don’t Pass Line Odds

a. Be flexible by learning how to bet from the Don’t Pass

4. Latest Stats from the Nevada Gaming Control Board

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