Episode # 69 Casino Dangers


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1. Coach Fav considers the TripAdvisor Reviews List of the Top 50 Casinos in the United States determined by comparing a venue’s 5 Star Reviews as compared to the entirety of the casino’s total reviews.

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3. Discussing major Casino Dangers:

a. Fires 

b. Street Crime, Parking Garage Crime, Crimes inside the casino or hotel

c. Accepting a drink from a new acquaintance that is “loaded.” Do not be so trustful.

d. General intoxication may make your judgement so hazy so that you cannot defend 

  yourself or even think logically.

e. Losing all your money the first few hours or the first day you are in Las Vegas is a    fast way to ruin your vacation

f. Protect yourself from the sun. Always use sunscreen and be careful of too much     sun.

4.   In Craps Talk Coach Fav reviews the specifics of a 45-minute session of craps at the Lady Luck Casino on the grounds of the 5 Star Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, a resort of more than 2,000 acres in Farmington, Pennsylvania. This craps game occurred during the 3 Amigos Reunion held recently at the same venue.  We learn that Churchill Downs is now managing the Lady Luck Casino and as such have eliminated the previous $10 admission charge.  TripAdvisor ranks Lady Luck Casino at Nemacolin as the 7th best casino venue in the country (by 5 star review percentages).

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