Episode # 68 You Ain’t Dead Until…

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     Introduction – Large Digital Audience today- Store is Closing in Five Minutes

1. Overview of Casino Road Trip to Southern Indiana Casino Riverboats, 2 nights at The Belterra Casino Resort and 1 night at the Rising Star Casino Resort 

2. Coach Fav plays craps with Andrew, a Casinos USA podcasts listener from Kentucky. Nonetheless Day 1 was a losing effort in the game of craps. The complete title of the podcast is revealed, a quote alleged to be by Jimmy the Greek, ” You Ain’t Dead Until Your Ass is Cold.” Which means one craps episode can be negative and the next one could be great. Craps can turn from a cold table to a hot table at anytime.

3. Janie has Coach Fav at the  Belterra pool so early that we are the only ones there. The pool empty of guests was perfect for her power swim. Three hours later pool side, we shared an amazingly great club sandwich. Three hours of sun were enough and the crowd was back. 

4. So Coach Fav gets to the craps table early afternoon, earlier than expected.  Details of the game’s outcomes reviewed. 

Make All Small: 2–3-4-5-6      Make All Tall: 8-9-10-11-12     Make Them All (all 10) 

Coach Fav makes THEM ALL.  His Dice Set is the “6-4.”

Coach Fav meets 5 more listeners on Day 2 and three of them won big money on his roll as they went $15 across, $5 on each bet of the Make Them’s.  Coach Fav offers a way around the River Road detour if traveling to Rising Sun as the River Road is now under construction and the detour from the road is time consuming. So I present the way the natives are going back and forth from The Belterra to the Rising Star: Use the Markleland Pike and then Route 56 East. to begin this route from The Belterra, turn left toward Vevay as you are coming out of the Belterra hotel or parking areas. Do not turn right to Rising Sun. Again turn left toward Vevay. A few miles toward Vevay, take Markleland Pike to 56E through Aberdeen and follow 56 down again to the River and you are only two miles from the town of Rising Sun and the Rising Star Casino. Such an easy drive. Use this route. A Belterra bartender gave us this local way to Rising Sun.

5. In Part 2 today, we review the awesome Video Poker that we enjoyed during all three days of our trip – How about 4 fours (Four of a Kind) back to back on a progressive machine betting max! Coach Fav gives a couple of VP tips borrowed from  Jean Scott’s THE FRUGAL GAMBLER CASINO GUIDE. 

6. In Part 3 of this podcast Coach Fav explains his excitement regarding an upcoming reunion at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, a 5 star resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania, which is about an hour and a half minute drive from his home.  The resort has a small casino called “Lady Luck” on the 2,000 acre plus property. There he will meet with Scott, Chris, and Nick.  These three men encouraged Coach Fav to start Casinos USA.  So if you are at Lady Luck and you hear some yelling and laughter from a group of four men, come on over and say, “hello.”  We would love to meet you. 

7. In Part 4, Janie explains her “obscure slot machine searches.”  Her tip is enjoying slots without spending a lot of money. Listen to how she does it.

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