Episode # 66 Las Vegas Marijuana Lounges

OPENING MONOLOGUE: A new law, created by the Las Vegas local government regarding marijuana lounges, officially passes; however, it’s not exactly what people were hoping for – at least for the next year. Nonetheless, marijuani lounges in LV are now legal with important restrictions.

ANECDOTE: A local Catholic church has a tour group going to a famous chapel, then after that visit a group lunch at a nearby club, all regular things. Next, those on the tour have a choice, spend the next hours at a science museum or a CASINO. If you choose the casino, you get $10 in free slot play.  This strange combo of religion and casino gambling demonstrates how mainstream casinos have become in the 41 states that have legalized casino gambling. How about that!  Who knew?


Monopoly Craps

Think of the point numbers as streets and avenues. 4th, 5th 9th 10th streets, 6th and 8th avenues. The table is your town. We suggest placing 5th street and 6th and 8th avenues to begin the game. Here’s the sequence to follow.

Step 1  Buy a property or more on any street or avenue by placing it (a point number).

Step 2  Collect the rent when the dice land on this property that you bought (placed).

Step 3  Improve the property by pressing it 1 unit or buy more properties with the winnings until all streets are covered. 

OPTION A:  Use the field to help you do this a little faster if you own property on  5th street and 6th and 8th avenues.

Step 4 Collect the rents, then press or buy more properties. 

Step 5 Keep Repeating step 3

Step 6    When you reach your “personal” hotel level just collect without improving this property anymore. Again when you stop “improving properties” you own a hotel.

OPTION B: Once all the streets and avenues are owned (point numbers), collect rents and improve by pressing until you want to take a break by taking some time “off.” Tell the dealer which numbers are off.

DETAIL: Remember that your Hotel is the maximum amount of money that you want to invest on any street or avenue.. Say it’s $50 or $60 on one street or avenue. At your call, take your other selected properties off of the market by getting an “off button” for them 

OPTION C: When you want to wait for a new shooter, You can also take the hotels off and wait for a new vacation season (new shooter). 

Have fun – you are playing “MONOPOLY CRAPS.’  In Monopoly Craps as with any strategy  the investor can also go bankrupt just like the board game so play wisely.  

An iconic Pittsburgh sandwich comes to Las Vegas. The details are provided.

Jean Scott’s recent book (2017), The Frugal Gambler Casino Guide is briefly discussed.

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