Episode # 65 McCarran LV Marijuana Search

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Nashville caller provides needed information on the gaming options in or near Reno, Nevada- “The Biggest Little City in the World” and the home of the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR).

Jeremy Elerick of Color Up has a big announcement played on our podcast for those who enjoy his craps videos on YouTube. Casinos USA’s 3-2-1 craps betting strategy surpasses 100,000 YouTube views on  Color Up in just 8 months. Our Deal or NoDeal strategy goes over 14,000 views in 2 months. Big News: Jeremy wants to meet and play craps beginning in June with his Color Up subscribers and YouTube Color Up viewers at a casino just outside of Denver, Colorado.  Get the details from his message. We are happy to learn that Jeremy is increasing his high quality craps videos to twice a week. Great to hear!

Coach Fav provides the details of how Janie and he were required to go through a random marijuana search before departing Las Vegas for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. By Clark County law, possession of recreational marijuana is illegal at this airport. Be careful. Be Warned.

In Craps Talk today – Coach Fav Explains How All Craps Strategies and Betting Systems Work and the big “IF” that is required to make them work. Also Coach Fav plays two strategies and at the end comes out a loser and his 2 month winning streak ends.  Nonetheless, Janie comes through on Slots winnings and the podcast pair goes home ahead for the fourth straight visit to Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Flintstone, Maryland. Perhaps our listeners may glean some ideas from his experience with two rather rare strategies that this time did not “bring home the bacon.” One has the potential to win a ton on a hot table.

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