Episode # 64 Casino Group Therapy – Gambling and Anger

May 16, 2019 –  Episode # 64 Casino Group Therapy – Gambling and Anger

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Chp.1  “Call the police!”  Why?  We are angry and we are gamblers.  Everyone probably has been angry after losing at a casino slot machine, table game or sports betting. Yet how do most people stay under control? Screaming and rage are not going to help solve a gaming problem. Realize that you are responsible for your emotions so swearing, slamming the table, threatening is not going to help. Expressing anger as rage may help a casino gambler feel better, but it is not going to help his/her case with the casino management. 

Nonetheless, from the no call pass interference that probably kept the New Orleans Saints out of the Super Bowl, to the very questionable 5 minute major penalty against the Golden Knights Hockey Team in the NHL playoffs, to the Kentucky Derby 2019 disqualification of Maximum Security and two angry incidents that we recently witnessed at a Craps Table — we have to calm down. So let’s examine this gambling and anger problem in Casino Group Therapy today and reason together.

Chp.2  The state of Indiana legalizes “Sports Betting” and approves the construction of two more casinos! Great News.

Chp. 3

As a family member has been accepted and plans to attend the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) next fall. Coach Fav and Janie are planning to visit our relative at UNR, and we plan to stay in the nearby casinos very close to campus.  We have learned that Video Poker payouts are top notch here. Help us learn more about the Casinos in Reno by calling our 24/7 voicemail: 1-724-519-4556. Your information will be a great help.  Presently, we are relying on the 2019 version of American Casino Guide, a trusted work that we hold in high regard.

Chp.4   Craps Talk:  YES, PRESS …. We examine pressing progressions for both high and low rollers of Larry Edell, noted gaming writer and gambler as presented in his, “Everything Craps Strategy Book,” which we highly recommend that you purchase for yourself. We review his favorite pressing strategies. We love that he takes down his progressive bets after 4 levels. He offers a very creative way of increasing bets. We employ his strategies in our own way, and we suggest that you may want to do the same                   Take ownership of your betting strategy and enjoy Craps all the more win or lose.

                     Thanks for listening.  We will be back in two weeks. 

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