Episode # 60 Eighty Thousand Views and Counting

“3-2-1 Craps,” a craps pass line betting scheme for low rollers, created by Casinos USA and produced by ColorUp’s Jeremy Elerick for YouTube has surpassed 80,000 views in just 6 months. Consider our “Deal or NoDeal” (video) play from the Don’t Pass line as well, which was also produced by ColorUp and Jeremy. Jeremy put it on live and our system produced winnings of  $193 profit in less than 22 minutes, the length of the video.

Vegas Crimes: A recent robbery took place at the Bellagio Casino Resort’s poker cage. The thief robbed the cage and ran outside where a policeman shot the robber after the robber first fired at another policeman. The robber died a few days later in a hospital. The Las Vegas police officer was also shot as mentioned, but his vest saved his life. He was examined and released from the hospital quickly. More Shooting! Also there was a multiple shooting at the El Cortez Casino Hotel on the 5th floor.  All involved have been arrested. The cause of the shooting seems unclear to this date.  Nevada with its western history is an open carry state (gun laws). Coach Fav explains how guns easily can get be brought into a Casino or a hotel.

(Speaking of guns) Coach Fav unknowingly takes a loaded shotgun in his golf bag to a Las Vegas Country Club for a golf outing. Wait until you hear what happened next.

A Saint Patrick Day tale (from years ago)  by Coach Fav’s is presented followed by a news report of a big, big win in Las Vegas on Saint Patrick’s Day 2019 ( a million dollar win) at the Plaza Hotel in downtown Las Vegas on a progressive Monopoly Millionaire Slot Machine.  Wow!

Feature Segment:  Casinos USA overview  of the Women’s and Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournaments as seen by Coach Fav. He also explains three of his bets made at the Rivers Casino for the first round men’s games.  Think Money Line!

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