Episode # 55 Never Fight A Streak

Part 1: Never fight a winning or losing streak thinking that the opposite bet is due when the outcome is pretty much one or the other -for example, red or black bets in Roulette.   Things are never due; thinking that way is called the “Gamblers Fallacy.”    In Baccarat Banker and Player bets fall into this category as does Pass line or Don’t Pass Line in Craps.  Things would even out after thousands and thousands of plays, but that is not happening in the short term. Famous Craps player Jimmy the Greek felt that it was wise to stop betting rather than fight a streak.  In his case, he only played the Don’t Pass Line. If a hot shooter was beating him, he would just stop betting until that bettor lost rather than fight it by continuing to bet against the shooter. We suggest “jumping on a steak” as we did with 8 yo’s in a row (11’s) at the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, Indiana.  Coach Fav has made the mistake of fighting a streak in the past and now has wised up. Why keep betting the same way if you are losing? Join the parade while it lasts. Don’t fight a streak – jump on it.

Part 2: Sports Betting in Pittsburgh is now legal at The Rivers Casino, which is close to PNC Park (Home of the Pirates) and Heinz Field (Home of the Steelers and the University of Pittsburgh (Football Teams).

Part 3: Craps Talk – 6-4 Dice Set still hot for Coach Fav.  Keep setting this until it hurts me…

Part 4: Explaining the Spread Bets and Money Line bets in Sports Betting… No right or wrong here.

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