Episode # 53 Uptown Funk, Downtown Grand

1.  Sharing Experiences Staying at Bally’s 4 Nights and the Luxor 4 nights

2.  Why go to Las Vegas in November?  Many Advantages but increasing comps the best… 

3.  LV Temperatures 63-69 degrees and Sunny all of Thanksgiving Week

4.  Breakfast for six upon our arrival from the airport at the Peppermill Lounge was super

5.  Early Check-in at Bally’s via computer stations simple as can be

6.  Afternoon win at Bally’s $10 craps table while low rolling with 3-2-2 (not 1) odds

7.  Bally’s new Lobby Bar large and impressive (Janie agrees).

8.  Coach Fav wins $180 Bally’s Sports Book on an over bet (63.5) LA Rams vs KC. 105    points scored! Thanks to Geoff for this call.

9.  “Narcy at the Ellis Island Players Club is so helpful, sweet, and kind,” says Janie.

Janie goes on to win some nice money from slot play and also qualifies for a free pumpkin pie and other treats.

10. Janie explains how she kept daily food costs down with coupons with plenty of Bogos 

11.  Lounge Entertainers at Ellis Island reminds Coach Fav of a song (Tulsa Time) one of his college roomates at Notre Dame sang the entire Freshmen year.

12. Lunch at the Cosmopolitan’s “The Henry” restaurant great and worth the $55 

13. Coach Fav almost loses his shirt (down $1400) at the Bellagio while playing smart craps at a $25 table with $100 in odds on pass line bets and two of his come bets, but he is saved from total disaster by one hot shooter. Learned that $375 often on the table is too much of a gamble (for me) so early in the week. Close call. Lesson Learned.

14. A now careful (after Bellagio) Coach Fav uses a 6-8 place bet strategy, pressing once ($10 table) and coming down after 4 hits during the final 2 days of craps play at Bally’s and departs our four day stay with more than $600 from 7 hours of craps play. Sweet!

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