Episode # 52 Dice Control- Yes, No, Maybe

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Part I: Craps Talk: Paying for Dice Control training with hands-on instruction is an expensive purchase. Is Dice Control Possible? Is the training worth the cost? Does the setting of dice and a proper throwing technique give one an advantage over the house edge in casino craps?  Our answers follow: Watch for this: Dice Control instructors create a variety of throwing components and blame failure to execute the motion correctly the cause of 7-outs. Yet, the longest recorded shoot (2009 in Atlantic City) was not from Dice Control. So why has not a  Dice Control shooter broken this record? Casino USA believes in Dice Tendencies as a result of setting dice. Certain dice sets seem to bring about certain numbers more than not.  We do not believe that a shooter can control Dice more than two consecutive rolls if the dice hit the back wall. However strange, we do admit that we are more confident when we see a shooter set dice and establish a throwing rhythm. Let’s not argue about it. For us, it’s about tendencies of numbers occurring not control. Dice Sets create number tendencies. Control, if real, is limited to a roll or two and extremely rare. 

Part II: Inside Casinos USA: Who and What is Casinos USA? Coach Fav explains what our purpose and mission is all about:  Enjoying casino resorts …

Part III: Las Vegas for Grownups: Janie and Coach Fav review essential items that should be completed before one departs for an extended vacation thousands of miles away from home. Listeners may find  information in our essential tasks list. Finally, Janie tells the story of a friend who recently won a $1,000 on a Quick Hit slot machine at The Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh.  Next Podcast December 6, 2018.  Call our voicemail at 724-519-4556.  

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