Episode # 50 Own the Table?

Part 1.  Coach Fav gives his explanation of what “own the table” means and gives advice for pass line players on what it takes to own the table.  How? Secure more money with place bets than you have on the pass line and odds bet behind it.  When that happens, go “off” on the place bets. So now you assured of a profit even if the shooter 7’s out not making the established point.  If the point is made, you win the place bets and the line bet with odds.  Either way, you own the table. Sure, bet higher on a hot table.  Yet Coach Fav exposes the problem with high full odds (100X) that puts your bankroll at great risk.  Is it worth it to expose yourself to possible losses that can reach thousands of dollars? Your Call, but we enjoy the game as low rollers and enjoy it just as much.

Part II.  We talk about Blackjack mistakes that one can make.  Be careful and enjoy the game, but do your best to do things correctly:

a. Stay away from 6-5 Blackjack unless you are at a $1 table.

b. Communicate with the dealer by hand signals, not by voice.

c. Learn and play Basic Strategy for Blackjack. Blackjack is one of the best games in the casino when played correctly.  The house edge is below 1% when basic strategy is played perfectly. 

d. Don’t play where the table uses a continuous card shuffle machine if you count cards.

f. Never touch your bet chips once the cards are dealt.  This is a felony offense in Nevada if the casino decides you are adding or taking away chips when your fingers touch your original bet.

Part III. Janie’s favorite Las Vegas restaurants are discussed.  Great inexpensive food!

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