Episode # 49 Grease for Peace

September 27, 2018: Episode # 49 – To ask a question or make a comment, call Casinos USA’s voicemail at 1-724-519-4556. We will give you up to 5 minutes.  Thank You

Part 1: Grease for Peace – What about all the “Boomer Music, Boomer Musicians” and their longevity is reviewed. So many are found in the 1400 casinos in the United States entertaining all ages. How old are they?  Coach Fav gives you many of their ages. Several are in their 70’s!

Part 2: Casino Group Therapy – is led by Janie who takes great exception to the YouTube’s Las Vegas talking heads that warn that staying in Las Vegas for more than 2 nights if you are not a gambler is a “waste of time.” Janie tells our story and how we spend 8-12 nights in Las Vegas Strip hotels and enjoy so much away from and outside of casino gambling.  Who’s right?  Hey, don’t argue with Janie. [Casino Group Therapy is a segment that we use to discuss something that upsets us]. Consider calling our voicemail to comment and give your view.

Part 3: Craps Talk – Regardless of what system we may be using, we often play around by chasing craps numbers (2) and (12 after they roll once. We  also call “hopping the reds” (7’s) if two 7’s are thrown consecutively on the come-out roll. Coach Fav gives you the details, how he uses these plays and how much he bets and presses. It’s a kick to try and makes me happy chasing win or lose.

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