Episode # 48 Believe and Achieve

Part I      Our 3-2-1 Craps Strategy for low roller pass line players was made into a video on YouTube’s COLOR UP by Jeremey Elerick. After 21 minutes of play, Jeremey, as the shooter, was up $54.  That’s over $120 per hour at that rate.  Casinos USA believes that our system is the best system for low rollers as there is never is more than $36 put at risk. Often the player of 3-2-1 “owns the table” because they will win on a 7-out or win even more if the point is made.  So we call that “Own the Table.” To see our system in action go to YouTube Search type in 3-2-1 craps.  You’ll find it easily.  Thanks again, Jeremey.

Part II  Information about Las Vegas Time Shares and Vacation Clubs are presented. Learn about “discounted stay promotions” that are a real savings without you buying a thing; however, you have to attend the sales promotion or you will be charged full fare according to several court cases on this matter. A typical sales presentation is explained.

Part III Learn all about casino promotions such as free play, BOGO dinners, reduced room rates, gifts, and 3x or 5x or 10x point promotions for players points on specific days, and concert and other show tickets.  

Part IV Advantages of an MLife Mastercard for MLife points. Let’s consider them. Certainly there are benefits. but always be concerned about the effect of holding too many credit cards on one’s FICO Score. Maybe open one new card, but first payoff and close a card that you have now.  Your FICO score determines the loan rate on any loan that you seek. They are a big thing.

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