Episode # 43 A Cabana at New York-New York

Published June 21, 2018

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Guest Jill Nicole, a Las Vegas local explains:

1.  Making online reservations via M-Life for room and cabana

2. Requesting mobile checkin- two nights for $160 including taxes and resort fees

3. Defining a cabana a bit unusal as in $50 for two chairs, Special Cabana price of $250 for a real cabana includes $250 in food and drink. Jill takes this special deal.

4. Uninvited guest in Jill’s cabana fridge happens to be a massive dead cockroach.

5. NY-NY credits everything beyond $100 for the dead cockroach problem, (very fair)

6. Tips for taking teenagers: NY-NY a good choice with park outside with music playing

7. Tournament of Kings worked well as Jill and teen girls are talented barrel racers

8. The Fear the Walking Dead Experience on Fremont Street a great hit with teens

9. Casino USA will be in Vegas for 10 days staying at Bally’s, Luxor, and Golden Nugget

10. CRAPS TALK TODAY-Exploring Carroll Meyer’s book “Craps to Win Thousands” 

11. How to bet the 7 when the feeling that a 7 is coming…

12. “Big Money Nick” calls the show from Atlantic City, an East Coast Vegas Alternative.  The joy and agony of KENO is discussed.  Thousands still love the game of KENO despite the odds against them. 

13. Janie and Coach Fav discuss the idea of retiring and moving to Las Vegas.


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