Episode # 42 People Skills

Published June 7, 2018

1. Our Digital Audience is getting a fan following as we strive to provide information and entertainment. Hey, that’s cool with us.

2. A lot of positive feedback on Janie’s report last episode on vacationing and gambling while staying in Daytona Beach, Florida.  

3. Full Disclosure: “My Talking Pet App” is available on the iTunes Store.  So are our podcasts available through iTunes; however, they are available at no cost.  Why would iTunes put so many podcasts on their store site if they are free?  Podcasters do not pay to put them there. Our guess is so it brings listeners to the site in that they might find an app that they like even though it cost a few bucks. MyTalking Pet App will enable your dog to talk; SO AT LEAST IT SEEMS. Next we hear “Oliver the Talking Dog” talk about his “People Skills,” which leads us into a more serious consideration of Casino Customer Service as it should be.  

4. Coach Fav reviews 4 of his 10 commandants of Gambling

5. We present very serious medical information and a tip in our 9-day Las Vegas July Vacation Plan. It is our need for refrigeration as we are traveling with medicine that should be kept cold.  Diabetic medicines often include medicines that are not to get overheated. In the Nevada desert in July, that’s a problem. Let’s begin with the airport and explain our solution to this problem and how the casinos are involved. (IMPORTANT)

6. In our Craps Talk Segment, we explore the joy and pain of becoming Miss, Mrs. or Mr. PARLEY at the Craps Table. “Parlay It,” may be something to try next time you play.

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