Episode # 40 Changing Tables

Published May 10, 2018:   Contact our Voicemail at  1-724-519-4556.

1. If Dice have “no memory” why do so many players Change Tables Playing Craps? What’s really at work here?  Some Casinos are making $5 tables crapless craps – Not a good thing because it elevates the “house edge” even more. Is this a Contradiction or not? Changing tables or even changing Casinos because the dice are “cold” must mean you do not truly believe that dice are always random, does it not? Traditional Craps culture is often illogical and I admit, despite knowing better, I am often illogical in my Craps thinking too. Yet I refuse to change and probably most of you are the same way.

2. “CrapsJourney,” is a craps podcast from Australia that we recommend, here’s why.

3.  Podcast Personal Taste-Our Big Beef about “Disappointing Delivery and Content” in Gambling Podcasts – My personal taste excludes F-Bomb Vulgarity and Celebrating Intoxication – either are not entertaining to hear, informative or helpful. Hear our choice for the “Most Informative Gambling Podcast” and why.

4. Coach Fav reviews 3 of Casino USA’s 10 Commandants of Gambling.

5. A big Tip for Booking and Saving Money on Air Travel (Flying to Las Vegas)

6. Casino Group Therapy Session considers Henry J. Tamburin’s Definition of a SMART PLAYER, and their Consistent Winning Traits in Playing Craps (taken from Tamburin’s book, TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN).

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