Episode # 30 Coach Fav’s Ten Commandments of Gambling

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First Commandant: Paying your personal/family debts and saving and investing your money are first. Gambling with your money is last.
Second Commandment: Gambling while Drinking is Toxic. It’s a witches brew.
Third Commandment: Quit playing when you are ahead, rather celebrate your win.
Fourth Commandment: There are other things to do at a casino resort besides gambling.
Fifth Commandment: Understand casino comps but do not lose money because of them.
Sixth Commandment: Know the rules and etiquette of casino games and culture.
Seventh Commandment: Don’t be a sore loser.
Eighth Commandment: Don’t fall for con artists who claim they can make you money.
Ninth Commandment: Take a break from casinos and gambling every so often.
Tenth Commandment: Share Casino experiences with significant other(s) for maximum enjoyment.
Janie talks about sharing the casino experience and the happiness sharing brings.
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