Episode # 29 Pennsylvania Gambling Explodes!

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1. Pennsylvania Facing Budget Deficits Undertakes a Massive Expansion of Legalized Gambling. Details include internet gambling, airport gambling, truck stop gambling, and much more. We review the whole impressive package.
2. “Deadman’s Poker Hand” is tied to the murder of Wild Bill Hickok by Jack McCall. Calamity Jane figures into the story also. Murder reenactments in Deadwood still bring in the tourists.
3. The little town of Deadwood has a big, big legacy in the history of the Wild West including its location to Custer’s Last Stand and a nearby Crazy Horse Monument that rivals Mt. Rushmore.
4. Just over a 100 years later Wild Bill Hickok is inducted into the World Series of Poker Hall of Fame in 1979.  Are you Kidding?                               5. Video Poker Tip: Understand a machines payback ratio and how a payout table can lead you to the best machines to play.
6. Consider a different way to gamble to “beat” the house edge in any table game.

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