Episode # 21 The Same “Dam” Thing But More

Episode # 21 The Same “Dam” Thing But More
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1. Boulder Dam or Hoover Dam – Same “Dam” Thing
2. Casino Group Therapy for Recreational Gamblers,
a. Caller Nick’s passion for an Atlantic City Vacation,
b. Caller Nick checks back in with his trip report to AC,
3. Chronological trip narratives are fun in recreational gaming podcasts, but we offer more.
4. Janie Reviews 9 Reasons to Play Slots Instead of Blackjack by Author Randy Ray
5. 2 Ways to Lose in Blackjack – Basic Strategy Still the Best Way to Win in BJ
6. More Strategies in Craps Play, What is Coach Fav’s ICDC play in Craps?
7. How we Teach Beginners the game of Craps?
8. Remember that Recreational Gambling means Playing Responsibly within a Budget!

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