Episode # 19 Casino Summer Roadtrip- Atlantic City or Las Vegas?

Episode # 19 Casino Summer Roadtrip: Atlantic City or Las Vegas?
1. The Atlantic Ocean vs Nevada Swimming Pools
2. Hotel Rooms More Expensive in Atlantic City than Las Vegas
3. Saving Airfare a Key Issue that Makes AC even more attractive
4. Caller Nick Loves Atlantic City and the AC Beaches
5. Easy 1/2 Day Drive to Atlantic City for hundreds of thousands
6. Triple Power Keno turns $20 into $1,000 for Caller Nick (several times)
7. Casinos USA’s view of the choice between AC and LV- Casino Roadtrips an alternative
8. Take the Money and Run — Craps Strategies by Henry I. Tamburin
9. Six of Twelve Pennsylvania Casinos offer Horse Racing
10. What happens to retired race horses? One organization makes a big difference!
11. Coach Fav “Pushes Back” against critics of his recreational gaming state of mind

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