Episode # 146 Debunking Vegas Critics with Hometown Play

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Show Notes:

Coach Fav and Janie throughout the podcast state how to get free airfare, free food and beverage comps, and reduced or entirely complimentary room rates while on a Vegas vacation. Many others suggest ways, but no one but Coach Fav and Janie explain how to get these things when you are in your home area, perhaps thousands of miles from Vegas. Living in Western Pennsylvania, how do they fly to Vegas and back for free, get $200 food and beverage credits, greatly reduced room rates, and free slot play? They explain in great detail.

Gambling Hacks: Although they did not talk about this in the podcast, this is a bonus for those who take the time to read the Show Notes. It’s not illegal, but casinos might tell you to stop if they recognize it. Generally, dealers at craps tables care less. We are talking about playing opposites. So for 30 minutes I put $25 on the pass line. Janie at the other end of the table puts $25 and a dollar on the 12 from the Don’t Pass Line. I play single odds, she plays double odds. After 30 minutes we are generally even – maybe less than $10 behind if that. Yet we got credit for being $25 pass line players. We do this at a $10 minimum table. This is our gambling hack, playing opposites for comps.  Just to stand next to one another. Enjoy!

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