Episode # 145 What About the Law?

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Show Notes:

Happy New Year to our listeners. The feature of podcast #145 is a discussion with Vegas businessman  Jimi Crimi who came to Las Vegas from the Syracuse, New York area in the mid 90’s to seek more opportunity. He started a business in Henderson, Nevada, which grew to point that he now advertises on the huge screens in Allegiant Stadium. Jimi opened an upscale eyewear boutique in Henderson, and it became amazingly successful. He explains to our listeners the pitfalls of a business in the Las Vegas area and the one thing that is required to be successful. He encourages entrepreneurs to join the business community in Las Vegas area and enjoy the unparalleled growth of Southern Nevada as the influx of people seems endless.

Craps Talk: Coach Fav explains the strengths and weaknesses of Come Bets. Many players use them with the Don’t Pass Line, playing a HYBRID betting system. Coach also talks about SMART Craps and Come Bets. Smart Craps mathematically is considered to be the best way to play craps.  However,  Coach Fav also emphasizes that all crap strategies are not foolproof and some are foolhardy. In the long term of play at any negative expectation casino game (craps included), the casino wins because of the house edge. Certainly casino table games can be beaten in the short term and for those who are willing to quit when they are ahead, craps can be a ton of fun. In general, table games offer a chance to get away from gambling against a computer chip. 

STP (Slot Tips, Please). Janie rolls out her way of playing at 3 or 5 slot machines per casino visit while staying with her strict budget of $100 to $300. She believes this gives her the opportunity to find a “hot” machine. Slot players can see how her system makes sense. She also talks about the problem with playing slots in an extremely crowded casino.

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