Episode # 141 Hard to Find Easy Street

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We begin with a comprehensive book review of Eric Sherwood’s autobiographical work DEALT. The podcast has three other segments: Sports Betting, Craps Talk, and Janie’s responses to 10 questions about the book Dealt. 

Coach Fav and Janie have no professional or personal relationship with the author. They may be aware of each other but that’s as far as it goes. So the book review is a subjective interpretation of the work by both Coach Fav and Janie. 

In both segments regarding Sports Betting and Craps, Coach Fav highlights how legal betting apps can be a big help in getting better in both. For example, Live Craps online has a 50 cents minimum on bets. This low amount enables one to experiment. The same with one dollar minimums on sports bets. Finally, legal sports bets often offer fantastic promotions for both new members and those who have played on the app before.

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