Episode # 14 Caller Doug’s Aggressive Pressing

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Casinos USA Answering Service: 1-724-519-4556.
Part 1 Press my bets. Caller Doug from Houston explains his aggressive style in pressing his craps place bets on the 8-9-10. Doug’s Recorded Phone Call to Casinos USA is played. With Casino Table Games, Do you play by Preferred Strategy, or by Gaming Intuition? We consider a call by Jeff from Maryland who is a Blackjack Player. Several Gaming Intuition moments considered by Coach Fav as opposed to conscious reasoning in betting. Do instinctive feelings sometimes supersede your understanding of the preferred strategies? How often? Story of grandma saying to bet on the 5 for her … “Put $500 on the 5 for Grandma” ….. then as the dice bounce off of the back wall, the “Stick man yells, “5,” almost in disbelief WHY DIDN’T I BET WITH GRANDMA.
Part 2 Janie talks about how much money she would have won on a Daytona Beach Casino Boat if she had employed Caller Doug’s Pressing Strategies. What’s right for you? Coach Fav chimes in with his “rules” for pressing in Craps, Pai Gow, Baccarat, and Roulette.
Part 3 Tribute to Carroll Meyer, one of the greatest craps players of all time who was one of 14 players at a $500,000 red hot winning table at the Dunes in the late 60’s.— Newspaper account of 50 passes of the Dice with more than a 2 hour roll!

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