Episode # 138 Digital Tickets, $700 Dinners, Smart Phones, OUCH!

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Coach Fav has a comic take on Digital Notre Dame football tickets, someone spending $700 on a singular dinner —  as a YouTuber “The Coolest” did. Coach Fav’s mocks himself as his Smart Phone Apps 120, and the Vet who sends emails to our dog Oliver. He finally decides that his criticism is not appropriate as its “to each his own” because everyone has spent funny money that generally makes little sense.  Money takes on a different take in a casino resort, especially in Vegas. Just discuss losses in gambling, Ouch! Count the cars, boats and motorcycles that Coach Fav has gone through – Ouch, Ouch!

In Segment 2 Coach Fav considers the Coaches Preseason Football Poll in College Football, the only poll that he takes seriously. Considering the top 25 teams he asks, “Where is Penn State? They are not ranked in the top 25, but Coach Fav believes that they should be. How about you?

In the popular Craps Talk segment, Coach Fav presents his 15/6 system of betting from the Don’t Pass Line with Action on the Come Out. This system gives the player a number of options depending on how the table is going.  Coach Fav sometimes refers to this system as  15/30, so he might just keep others guessing. You have all the details to play it, regardless of what he calls it. Coach Fav has won has much money with this system as he has with his popular 3-2-1 Craps from the pass line, which has had 246,000 views on Youtube. It was produces and narratives by Jeremy Elerick of Color Up.

Segment 4: Closing Thoughts

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