Episode # 136 Puttin on the Ritz

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Show Notes:

Notre Dame has the next move as the big money at Fox Sports and ESPN has changed college football. What will the Irish do? Join the Big Ten or Stay Independent? Coach Fav presents his view. 

In “Craps Talk” Coach Fav explains how one can make large profits from the come out rolls regardless of which line they open the came from, Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line. He also explains how place bettors can protect themselves from the 7 by locking up a profit. There can be big money in come out rolls. Consider playing the front end of a craps game hoping to catch a series of 7-11’s and 2-3-12’s.

The cost of Vegas Pizza continues to escalate to the point that Janie suggests going for a Southern Fried Chicken meal instead and approximately for the same prize as two slices of pizza.  She gives her choices for excellent chicken meals on or near the Strip in Las Vegas. Don’t hesitate to call our voicemail to give your favorite pizza or chicken restaurants. What do you enjoy more?

“Casino Fever” has struck again as Coach Fav and Janie discuss their upcoming trip to Rocky Gap Casino Resort in the mountains of Western Maryland, just outside of Cumberland. Fav and Janie last visited Rocky Gap in March of 2022.  Also the pair will be back in Vegas in early October for the Notre Dame/BYU football game at Allegiant Stadium. Casino Fever, Wow!


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