Episode # 135 Family Decisions About A Las Vegas Vacation

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Show Notes:

Taking a family to Las Vegas is a serious decision that should be considered carefully. A summer vacation in Southern Nevada rules out swimming an entire day because temperatures are likely to be in the low 100’s. Swimming safely means using adequate sun block and not staying in the sun for hours. Hydration is always important in a desert environment. 

After swimming, what would “kids” do in Las Vegas? Coach Fav gives a lengthy list of activities to be considered. Janie reacts and elaborates on his choices – a variety of things that preteens and teens might enjoy in Las Vegas. Note: Kids can walk through casinos in Nevada, but they cannot sit at a slot machine. The Strat has thrill rides that attract fans from all around the world. Coach Fav explains his plan for spending a family day at the Strat. Janie and Coach also list the Vegas shows that welcome kids and that entire the family would enjoy. Many casinos also offer babysitting and daycare with certified staff.

Both Janie and Coach Fav stress that the supervision of children and teens is paramount.

Traveling with other adult family members (grandparents, etc.) can be a big help in sharing supervisory responsibilities. Often general sightseeing in Las Vegas is also enjoyable for all ages. Still if you go, supervision of children is more important than anything else.  This is also true while walking on the Strip.

Gambling Warning: Betting Too Much Cash: Coach Fav returns to his old topic about the dangers of playing with “scared money,” which is money that one cannot afford to lose. Learn to enjoy the smaller wins and have the discipline to quit when you are ahead by reaching your win limit. Lock up your winning; otherwise, you might give it all back.

In Craps Talk Coach discusses the Don’t Come bet. A bet he refers to as the “DC.” He explains how it works and also acknowledges that he almost never makes DC bets. He present his reasons. Note the distinctions between lay bets and DC bets.  DC bets are a better deal for the player than a lay bet, but what point number they go to from the DC is not controlled by the shooter, rather by the dice roll. One can lay odds on the DC bet when it reaches a number- same odds as the Don’t Pass Line. 

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