Episode # 134 Betting the ND-Ohio State Football Game

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Show Notes:

Part I

How can one bet the Notre Dame-Ohio State game by betting on both teams and win both bets? Coach Fav will tell you exactly how to do it. It comes down to making two distinct type of wagers. Coach Fav explains in detail the two bets that one must make to play this way. Before you arrive at that information, Coach Fav reviews the issues with inexperienced Notre Dame quarterbacks especially thought of as a negative when compared to the experienced quarterback at the helm of Ohio State. In their home opener against Notre Dame, Ohio State is a 13.5 point favorite.

Part II

Craps Talk: We begin with explaining the 4/10 hedge lay bet for the come out roll when playing the Don’t Pass. This move protects one from a come out 7. How long does the player leave these bets up? Coach Fav explains the options with lay bets.

Returning to the subject of dice influence, Coach Fav reviews the dice sets associated with many of his long, long rolls as a pass line player. 

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