Episode # 131 SPRING HAS SPRUNG!

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Show Notes:

Coach Fav welcomes the season of Spring, which symbolizes many positive things but in the commonplace means the roads to area casinos are free and clear of ice. Immediately the topic turns to what he calls the “Duke Aftermath” and the end of March Madness for both women and men. Spring means travel. Coach and Janie talk about some of the travel mistakes they once made, mistakes listed by Travel and Leisure Writer Alex Schecter in a recent online article on 12 major travel mistakes tourists make coming to and staying in Las Vegas. Janie and Coach give their own tips about how to avoid some of the most common travel mistakes. One of the danger areas is taking videos and photos in casinos without securing permission from security. Don’t risk a casino ban.

 In Craps Talk Coach Fav gives an honest account of  “Table Game Expectation Value,” both Negative and Positive in casino table games, including his favorite game, Craps. So often players refer to themselves as “Advantage Players” without regard to the true meaning of the term. There is no fail safe betting system possible in a negative expectation game so let’s stop pretending that there is. He does show that true and legitimate Advantage Players master lowering the house edge although they cannot gain a true mathematical advantage on the casino itself. Betting systems often raise the house edge while providing more risk and more money if they succeed. They do and do not. That’s the truth of it. 

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