Episode # 130 Basketball-Craps-Casinos

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Show Notes

Part 1

Coach Fav gives his early picks in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. He gives his betting strategy on Gonzaga, the team that he anticipates will be the National Champion. In his presentation, he makes the case for teams that are good bets in the early rounds. His beloved Notre Dame won the preliminary game with a double overtime win against Rutgers making Coach Fav a winner betting on an underdog.

Part 2

In Craps Talk  Coach Fav receives a phone call on a craps betting system from a caller from Georgia who presents his “No Soft 4 Strategy.”  Coach agrees this strategy is a solid one and offers a variety of ways to make betting the “Inside Numbers” or the “Iron Cross” plays profitable with this approach.  Too many craps players just have no idea of how to use lay bets to hedge. This segment might encourage a try at making lay bets. Use creative betting, such as lay bets, to make the game yours. 

Part 3

Janie joins the podcast to discuss the great fun Sports Books offer during March Madness. Drawing from the American Gaming Association data, Janie and Coach Fav present the amazing amount of money (in the Billions) that will be wagered this month on college basketball. She talks about the casinos with impressing sports books that she has enjoyed. She loves stadium seating which is unusual – so she loves Bally’s Sports Book.

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