Episode # 129 Nevada Blackjack, What Went Wrong for Players?


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Show Notes:

Part 1: Players who are very good using the Basic Strategy while playing Blackjack generally face about a 2% house edge. Those players who have mastered Basic Strategy reduce the house edge or advantage to under 1%. From those perspectives it’s difficult to understand how the 400 plus casinos in Nevada earned over 14% of all the money wagered while playing Blackjack in the year 2021. This win percentage is from the factual report of the Nevada Gaming Commission. In this podcast, Coach Fav discusses why this high casino advantage happened to a game, which should have a much lower house edge. In fact, slot machines were easier to beat than Blackjack in Nevada during 2021 as they only kept 9% of the money wagered. So Coach Fav offers an explanation for the high profits for casinos are raking it in from the Blackjack tables.

Part 2: Janie talks about the advantages of gaming companies that have properties in several states and offer a rewards program that can be used on any property. This results in some interesting and attractive offers, which is all part of the joy of recreational gambling. She also explains a safety tip for those who win in a casino.

Part 3: Responding to a call to Casinos USA’s Voicemail, Coach Fav takes on the controversial subject of Dice Control in Craps.  

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