Episode # 128 2021 Best Year Ever


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Part I:  Coach Fav reviews the amazing winning year of 2021 enjoyed by America’s casinos. This information is factual and comes from the Annual Report of National Trade Group for Casinos: American Gaming Association. He also gives the take on the Nevada’s Sports Books on Super Bowl wagers. Finally he considers both the negative and the positive results due to the great financial success of the casinos in 2021. Yes, there is a major negative that will affect many of us. There are many positives as well.

Part II: Coach Fav shares his Super Bowl LVI betting strategy that earned him $384, which will be split with Janie, of course.

Part III. In “Craps Talk” Coach Fav explains that too many craps betting system do not use the actual “best bet” in craps in their strategy.   He finds that rather silly. He gives all the options when playing odds behind the pass line or on come bets. 

 He concludes the segment by reviewing a strategy for playing from the Don’t Pass Line. He calls it “25-6.”

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