Episode # 127 Trading Questions and Answers

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Enjoy a 30 minute conversation with a well-known gambler and author from the Mohegan Sun Casino, Charlie Frair. Charlie, Janie, and Coach Fav discuss gambling in terms of slots, craps, table games, and casinos in general. Charlie has a lifetime of gambling wisdom. “His explanation of the mathematical term VARIANCE as applied to betting streaks and trends in table games is absolutely the best description of variance that I have come across in my life,” says Coach Fav. Honestly, there is much specific gambling information to unpack here including Janie’s slot tips and warnings, Coach Fav’s gambling principles applied to craps, and Charlie’s detailed explanations on how to beat the casinos by establishing a betting strategy along with a playing style strategy, which he prepares BEFORE he goes to a casino. 

Charlie, author of Casino Fun, 101 tells how to prepare to gamble in the casino and how to win more times than not based on a specific list of 25 questions that one must answer before entering a casino so to ensure that victory will come much more often than not.  It’s an amazing list.  He also provides his website where these questions can be downloaded for free.     

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