Episode # 125 The Danger of Deep Play

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Podcast Notes: 

In the opening segment Coach Fav works toward a definition of “Deep Play” by presenting listener phone calls to Casinos USA Podcasts that are not about Deep Play at all. The two callers are recreational gamblers or want to be recreational gamblers. Both callers enjoyed Casino Fun – 101, a new casino book that we reviewed by interviewing the author (Charlie Frair) in our last podcast. Coach Fav then goes on to define Deep Play.

Deep Play is a term from the sciences of Anthropology and Sociology. Deep Play is a characteristic of individuals who make bets that are so high that they are irrational. More than for financial gain, this Deep Play impulse is about betting for attention, to be a casino celebrity, to be the center of attention, to define your worth by the size of your bets. Such bets stand in the face of the math of nearly all casino table games – deliberately designed as negative expectation games so that the longer one plays, the more likely it is that the casino will win. The math of the game is on the house side.  Despite possible short term Deep Play success by the player; eventually, Deep Play bets will destroy all but the very rich. In addition, the stress of losing thousands of dollars may destroy marriages, families, and employment. The Deep Play impulse is such a powerful impulse for many addicted gamblers that they commit crimes such as embezzlement to continue making these irrational bets. At the very least, Deep Play will most often steal the joy out of the casino experience and add stress to one’s life. To quote Casino Fun 101, “The money you don’t lose is often more important than the money you win.”  Yes, that’s so often the case.

Janie and Coach Fav talk about many reasons why people are attracted to casinos that have nothing to do with dangerous Deep Play impulses.  Janie gives her reasons for visiting casinos. 

Finally in the popular “Craps Talk Segment,” Coach Fav reviews a craps betting strategy from a recent Casino Quest YouTube Video that suggests a player should make this opening bet for $640 across the point numbers, placing $100 on the 4-5-9 and 10 and $120 on the 6 and 8. If the player gets one hit on these place bets, they are to regress to $96 across. An opening 7 costs the bettor a $640 loss – in an attempt to win a little more than the $96, thus, playing on “Casino Money.” Ouch! That’s silly.

Coach explains that this first bet strategy makes no sense to him. Why not just bet the $96?  He also challenges the notion of Long Play in a negative exception game, such as craps. One casino visit has nothing to do with future visits.  Just because you are down $4,000 after two visits doesn’t mean that you are going to win it all and more on your third. You could be losing for months. Adding to the Long Play issue, he also challenges the idea that one can gamble with the Casinos Money if they win that $640 across.  MONEY THAT YOU WIN IS YOUR MONEY! Coach believes that the term  “Casino Money” is a misnomer. The term is misleading. Bet the way that you want to, but consider what your motivation is in making large bets. If you think one large bet to open a craps game will lead to eventual success, tread carefully.  If it is a Deep Play impulse to do it, stop immediately.

Risking $640 so to win enough to place the point numbers for $96 is not logical. Two opening 7’s by the dice, puts this bettor down $1280. I bet $96 each time, so it puts me down $192. Big Difference.  Actually, I don’t like risking $96 to start a game, but it’s a more reasonable risk than $640. I do start many games with $76 across – $10 on the 4-5-9-10 and $18 on the 6 and 8.  

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