Episode # 123 Maryland Live – New Again

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Show Notes:

Maryland Live, the large 4,000 slots, 200 table games, Casino and Hotel, which are adjacent to Arundel Mills Mall, has dozens of “Dealer Assisted” table games. The technology alone besides the sheer size of this casino sets it apart. For example, the parking garage has digital signs that tell a driver how many spaces are open on each floor and in each row on the floor. Nonetheless, new technology is often confusing – at least the first time one experiences it. Coach Fav and Janie were eyewitnesses to a bettor who claimed he was out over $500 dollars because of technology. Despite the problems, Coach Fav and Janie discuss many other features at Maryland Live Casino and Hotel that make it so special. Arundel Mill Mall is Hanover, Maryland 21706

Segment 2

Coach Fav follows the Vegas Casinos and Sports Books news closely through a digital subscription to the Review journal, the daily newspaper of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada in general. Based on this information, he discusses what two teams are most likely going to play in Super Bowl 2022. The Vegas Books think the odds that these two teams will meet for the right to the title “Super Bowl Champions” are 16-1. Try to guess what teams the bookies see in the Big Game before Coach Fav tells you who they are. By the way, he agrees that these two teams are the most likely to meet.

Segment 3

In our popular 3-2-1 Craps segment, we discuss the important of learning how to play from the Don’t Pass Line and how to hedge that come-out roll if you fear a 7.  Coach Fav is convinced that no one is a complete craps player if they never give the dark side a try, at least when the table turns cold.  

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