Episode # 122 Gambling News and Personal Views

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Show Notes:

Coach Fav admits to a recent losing streak in an area of gambling in which he has enjoyed great success, sports betting. The NFL upsets were shocking, especially the Jaguars win over Buffalo. However, in the strangest way, he has been saved by scratch off lottery tickets, which have been amazingly successful overall in Western Pennsylvania.  Hard to figure. Random luck indeed.

Shocking Information: Las Vegas Strip Casinos enjoyed the best quarter of profits EVER.

Casinos from coast to coast are making record amounts of money as people return to playing in house slot machines and table games. The numbers are shocking!

Craps Talk features the basic information that Coach Fav believes every craps player should be aware of; yet it is clear that many have no idea about this.  It starts with understanding that there are six ways to roll a seven. From that point every number is considered and the number of ways the dice can make that number are presented. With this information the term “true odds” then begins to make sense.  Coach Fav explains that “Smart Craps” involves playing from the pass line and making a large odds bet behind the line. In addition, add two “come bets” with a large amount of odds. Using the math models, this is the best way to play from the pass line; however, he explains that the bankroll needed is hefty and if the table is cold a large amount of money will be lost.  So it might be best if craps players look at a large number of ways to play this game including understanding the Don’t Pass and Hedge betting. Playing smart can lead to devastating losses.

Odds and Ends

Coach Fav gives an endorsement of the new show at the Strat called “Illuminate.” Anthony Curtis of Las Vegas Advisor calls it the “best show since the shutdown.” Check it out.

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