Episode # 120 Betting on Notre Dame?

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Show Notes:

1. Podcast Feature: 

Coach Fav examines the quarterback dilemma that Notre Dame and head football coach, Brian Kelly find themselves in following a recent loss to Cincinnati, a loss where Kelly pulled the starting quarterback, Jack Coan at halftime and played sophomore Drew Pyne. So what happens next? Coach Fav explains all the forces at work. Who will start in the next game, Coan or Pyne? Enjoy this frank and opinionated review of Notre Dame football 2021. Get the up-to-date Sports Betting forecasts of Casinos USA by joining our FaceBook Group.

2. Craps Talk: 

Something extremely rare happened at the Craps Table at the Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Western Maryland last Saturday night. Thousands of dollars were won (twice) on a bet that many craps experts consider to be “Sucker Bets.”  Make your own call on the All Small, All Tall, Make Them All, bet as Coach Fav makes his position

3. Short Staffing:

Coach Fav “rants a bit” regarding the miscues on Fremont Street and in nearly all the Casinos on the Strip. Simply put it seems as if “short staffing” is now embraced by casino management as patrons continue to comeback to Las Vegas even though customer service in terms of hotel and casino cleanliness, response time by the front desk, limiting the open days and times of many restaurants, higher table limits and other important services continue to hinder the old Vegas that we loved from coming back. (Other Items) Why can’t Resorts World Get It Right? Why are there still so many 20 somethings drunk and even passed out on Fremont Street ignoring the dangers they put themselves in…..?

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