Episode # 12

Episode # 12 Season Two
“3 Casino Resorts in 6 Days,” Setting a Trip Monetary Limit, Configuring Time, Route from Pittsburgh to Lawrenceburg, Passing other casino resorts on the way to Indiana, 36 hours of craps play using 5 betting strategies, (Betting Details End of Writeup) What won? What Lost?, What craps casino dealers stood out? Janie talks about the “Americana” of Southern Indiana river towns and the ever present “Hoosier Hospitality”: Lawrenceburg, Aurora, Rising Sun, Florence, Vevay, Lobby Bar at the Belterra Casino Resort is Crazy Cool, Yes, take a casino road trip soon!

5 Craps Betting Strategies used on trip to Southern Indiana casino resorts:

Strategy 1. (at the Hollywood) 6 and 8 Off and On after 3rd roll after come-out roll; Play hard number also if it is a 6 and 8 established as number by come-out roll; press these bets one unit per each $100 won. * Place the 6 or 8 if it is an established point so that you can go “off” when you want. Remember a pass line or put bet cannot come down, only the odds behind it. However, a Don’t Pass Line bet can always be taken down.

Strategy 2. (at the Rising Sun) Play Don’t Pass Line for $15 with a $40 lay on the 4 as a hedge. This will cost you $1 on a win of $20. Add an all-day $5.00 hard way bet on the 4 as an hedge. Take lay bet down after one roll following the come-out (or not).

Strategy 3. (at the Rising Sun) Don’t Pass line for $25 and play the “Iron Cross” at minimum levels. This bet is placing the 5-6-8 and field. I do it for 2 or 3 rolls then go off. There is no hedge for the don’t pass line. Player may lift Don’t Pass Line Bet if he/she wins more than $12 on the Iron Cross Bet.

Strategy 4. Smart Craps (at the Rising Sun) Pass line with 2x odds and placing the 6,8,10 (table minimums) and putting $5 on the hard 10 – Parley the hard 10 if it hits. This takes the hard way bet to $40. Then cover this bet by buying the 10 for $20. Increase odds behind the line to 4x and 5x if I begin to win consistently. Press place bets if this occurs also.

Strategy 5. (at the Belterra) Play the Don’t Pass Line at the minimum level and play Don’t Come (DC) bet every roll. There is no hedge on the don’t pass line. At a $5 table, it is $5 on the Don’t Pass and $5 for every DC bet. Make a DC bet after every roll of the dice following the come-out roll. This is a great bet to play the dark side.


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