Episode # 110 Insensitivity to Small Numbers

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Show Notes:

LV Travel Vloggers just miss any adequate video presentation of the appealing vacation attractions in Reno, Nevada – beginning with the dozens of casinos just 3 miles from the airport or downtown. How could they miss the attraction of The University of Nevada campus, which is just a few blocks from the famous row: Circus-Circus, Silver Legacy, and the Eldorado on North Virginia Street downtown and next to the famous Reno Arch? Janie sets the record straight. Perhaps the flaw in their thinking is once again because of the insensitivity to small numbers.

Insensitivity to small numbers also affects the thinking of many gamblers and Coach Fav makes the case for coming to grips with this mathematical principle.

In Craps Talk Coach Fav employs betting the long shots to overcome playing from behind on the craps table and makes an amazing comeback and walks away with hundreds of dollars. He again challenges Vloggers who claim they can play craps and never throw a 7. 

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