Episode # 109 Just a Start

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Show Notes:

Part 1. We go back to Rocky Gap Casino Resort after more than a year. What’s changed” What’s the same?  Janie gives you the low down.  Would it be worth it to fly to Rocky Gap from a thousand miles away or more? Yes, it would. Rocky Gap is the most beautiful casino venue in the USA.

Consider these agenda issues when planning a casino resort vacation, especially a challenge when going to Las Vegas as the pandemic winds down. We are booked for 7 nights in Vegas but well aware of a couple of major concerns that we share with our listeners.

Part 2. Bubble Craps makes sense in experimenting with unfamiliar systems of play. Coach Fav gives several examples and supports mixing a few sessions of Bubble Craps with play at a regular Craps table.

Part 3. Major play revealed in Craps Talk today – a system of play called 44 UP and Down. It does not rely on line play at all. Dealers loved it at Rocky Gap and thought it made great sense. Check it out.

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