Episode # 108 No Resort Fees at the Hyatt

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Show Notes: 

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1. Janie and Coach Fav discuss the positives of enjoying complimentary nights at the Hyatt Hotel at the Meadows Casino in Washington, Pennsylvania. Room Comps here are really free without resort fees or taxes. At the Meadows Match Play offers can become MyCash points if that’s what you prefer. A great deal!

2. The Las Vegas Advisor has joined forces with one of America’s leading travel agencies to offer incredible deals in Las Vegas – you won’t believe what you get in free food and other guarantees. The extras almost equal what you pay for the rooms – amazing offers.

3. When locking into a right side playing system in Craps, be ready to just start playing regular craps when a hot shooter gets it going. All right side systems work when a long roll is underway, but hedge bets can cost you money. Don’t forget to take all of your place bets and odds off for one roll following dice that go off of the table. Otherwise, you might lose like I did.

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