Episode # 105 Over and Under Helps Vegas Books

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Show Notes: 

1. The Over and Under prop bet was a big winner for the Las Vegas Sports Books.

The over was 57 points and the large majority of bettors took the Over. The Chiefs were held to only 9 points, no touchdowns, and the total points scored in the game was 40. 

My favorite bet, the Money Line, paid me $140 on a $100 bet.  This bet was a loser for the sports books, but late Kansas City money made the spread a favorable bet for the books.

2. A caller from Maryland tells us how the Fantasy Football Playoff Tournament works and was a lot of fun for him as his $75.00 investment won him second place in the tournament, winning $600. He lost the first place amount by under 3 points and that paid $1600.

3. Coach Fav explains how listeners can download his second book, “The Last Catholics,” which is only $0.99 has an iBook or an ebook. Search Apple Books, Blurb.com, or Amazon. On Amazon type in Don Favero in the search bar to find the book. Amazon’s formatting of the book is not as good as the iBook or Blurb.com.  All the sites permit a reading sample of  15 to 25 pages. Read the Publisher Notes to get the book details. It may be your story too!

                        Blurb.com  Go to bookstore and type in The Last Catholics

          The Last Catholics is also available in Apple Books or Amazon as a iBook or ebook.

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