Episode # 103 The Hippie Lobo Wolf Lady


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Show Notes, January 14, 2021

Janie tells the story of the Hippie Lobo Wolf Lady, which begins at the Rio Hotel Casino back when the Rio was a popular destination in Las Vegas in part because of its festive atmosphere. Coach Fav and Janie were two days away from heading to a family wedding that was going to take place just outside of Golden, Colorado. However, because Janie won a Rio steak house comp for two meals of her choice, they left for the Colorado destination much later in the day then they planned. The steak house didn’t open until 4 pm. So instead of leaving in midmorning, they left for Golden after 6 pm. This translated to driving through the Rocky Mountains with a high wind warning with the only extra light coming from a full moon.  The adventure continues in Cold Creek Canyon just outside of Golden, Colorado.

In part two of the podcast, Coach Fav explains the origin of the point spread in sports betting.  This interesting historical information was taken from the Las Vegas Advisor. Surprisingly, the idea of the point spread came much later than most gamblers probably realize. Coach goes on to explain how Money Line bets are paid.

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